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A diversified product design in the world of child

Bernard Lanchais, Manager Ateliers Bernard Lanchais - Children Toys and gamesIn 1971, just 21 years old, Bernard LANCHAIS designs games for Hachette. Three years later, Walt Disney called to devise adaptations of his hits such as Mickey and Snow White ... in 1981, he left Paris and moved his studio and his team of 450 m² in Châteauroux (France, Indre, 36). Today, this designer training the happiness giants toy industry.

Specializing in industrial design, the Ateliers Bernard Lanchais are among the most efficient in the creation and development of toys and games. The studios ABL draw and design confidentially future collections for major international toy brands.

The playful design is a knowledge and culture workshops the Ateliers Bernard Lanchais, recognized in the design of products and spaces to the child.

The showroom of Ateliers Bernard Lanchais - Children Toys and games
The game development studio and toys Bernard Lanchais

With a capacity for continuous innovation that sets us apart in mastering perfectly new technologies and gaining responsiveness and flexibility in prototyping.

Our creations are made each year to more than 2 million copies over 200 references which most sales are for export, which earned us the interest of major international brands of toy.

The creation studios ABL ensure all projects, from concept to design through prototyping, coloring, styling and packaging accompanied by all the marketing services.

They are licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (agreements) and received their creations over 13 grand prix in various countries.

Great toy prices

references in the international market
2 millions
toys sold each year