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Berry en jeux


Berry en jeux - Bernard LANCHAIS

Special Berry Board game from 2 to 4 players players from 6 years

Board game ''Berry en jeux'' - Ateliers Bernard Lanchais400 questions written by Gerard COULON to discover the wealth of Berry (Indre and Cher), its history, its heritage, its nature, its mysteries and traditions. The game consists of 60 boxes and 4 courses. It is played with dice and a pawn per player. To start the game, each player chooses the color corresponding to its starting square: Nature: green, Discoveries pink History: blue, Mysteries and Traditions: yellow.
Select the card game of your choice (Cher or Indre), the face is hidden questions. Each player throws the dice in turn and advance his pawn according to the figure indicated by the dice. Or the opposing players draw a card and ask him a question that matches the color of the box. It must respond quickly to the question, if it fails, it returns to where it came from. If a player is placed on a space already taken by a pawn, he must go back a box and answer the question. If a player draws a wild card, it replays. The winner is the one who made the first all 4 course by correctly answering questions.

NEW: 200 new questions FAMILY since 1 November 2014

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